Coburg Morning Training Club

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

~ Arthur Ashe

Josh Rowe, Philippe Guichard Finn Bradshaw Alister Robbie and I have started training in the mornings in Coburg.

Currently Mon, Wed, Fri at 6am- sharp & Sat morning at 7am

The format: run for 20 mins than stretch and lift weights for 30. – out of the gym at 7am 

At Jetts Gym on Sydney Rd. (they offer a free 3 day trial and the joint is very cheap, no contracts 24 hours etc).

I’m putting together a small group together to train, most will be entrepreneurs or doing something interesting in business so there’ll likely be some good conversation to come from the mornings as well as a coffee post at Wild Timor next door.

We’ll all do our own gym programs but the group will help keep up the motivation and add some support.

Many, many moons ago I was a personal trainer and can give you some basic guidance on gym training if required to get you started.

Let me know who of any other guys and gals who might be interested.

What we really mean when we say we don’t have time for an activity is that we don’t consider it a priority given the time we have available.
…and more on t
he psychology and key drivers of what keeps people training from those smart bastards at HBR.


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